Harajuku Japanese Punk Rock Fashion

Harajuku Japanese Punk Rock Fashion | Fernopaa

On Instagram I came across an account with very unique and fun fashion.
The style is Japanese Punk Rock Fashion . The shop is called Fernopaa .
The shop is located in Japan, in a backstreet of Harajuku.

Famous Shop Girls

Japan is know for their prefect looking shop staff and this is also the case in the
Fernopaa shop.
The power of these shop girls or guys is that they function as models in the shop.
What they wear sets the trends in fashion.
Staff gets famous trough social media and customers love to
visit them and take snaps with them.

Visiting the Shop

When I was in Japan again I of course had to go to this shop.
I asked the shop girl if it was alright to film in the shop, she agreed !
I always use Google Maps to find locations in Japan, it works very well.
This shop is located next to a very good Mexican Restaurant, check it out if you are around.


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~Let me know what you think about this fashion style and shop.


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