JK7 Luxurious Natural Skin Care | Review

I love discovering new Natural Beauty brands and when I was
at the Masters of LXRY event in Amsterdam , The Netherlands ,
I was pleasantly surprised to find JK7 there .
Jk7 is a Luxurious Natural Skin Care brand from Hawaii ,
all products are Handmade in Hawaii .
The products are Organic and Natural and are not tested on Animals .
Founder Dr. Jurgen Klein the Creator of JK7 has a long history in Natural Skin care .
With JK7 he started a luxurious and modern revolution .

When I talk about Natural Skin care and Make-up people mostly think it is
something for crunchy people and people who hug trees .

But no! This is not the case, Natural Skin care and make up
is for people who Care 
about their body and skin .
Health is important so a healthy diet also will give you a better complexion .
But you can ruin this by using the wrong products on your skin .

Without you knowing it ” Regular ” products strip the skin
of their natural protection and makes the 

skin addicted to these products , in the end you would need more and 
more to keep the skin in an acceptable condition .
Also some regular products contain harmful ingrediënt which
can cause hormonal problems 
and even cancer , for example Parabens .
I got aware of this in my pregnancy ,
since these substances even travel trough your body to your baby !
But even something as simple as alcohol is bad for the skin ,

since it makes the skin dry out .Especially when you already have troubled skin for example with Acne
these regular products will only make it worse .
This is why I started my journey into Natural products .
And I have to say , my skin is getting better !
( I have partly hormonal acne ,
the ” extra ” acne is now gone because of the natural products ) .
In the past I really have made it worse by covering it up with make-up ,

using scrubs , acids and more harmful products ,
so it will take a long time 
to let my skin heal again .
I am happy to know that with the products that I am using now
I won’t 
cause more damage to my skin and body .

JK7 has send me some items to try out
and I have been trying them 
for a couple of weeks . 

Because of the essential oils in the products , 
each product has its own special smell .
These oils also really ” Work ” on your skin ,

for this reason JK7 uses glass pots and jars for the products ,
plastic cannot keep the oils in their original state .

The first 3 products that I tried were:

Lip Balm ( Coconut & Vanilla )
This smells so good ! It feels very soft on your lips and stays on for a long time .
I really love it ! It smells like a delicious cake .

Moisturizing Mist Freshener ( Lemon & Lime )
Another delicious smell , just like refreshing lemonade ,
sprayed on the face it adsorbs very fast into the skin and leave it
feeling fresh and moisturized .

Rejuvenating Serum Lotion ( Rose , Jasmine & Neroli )
It feels very smooth and hydrating , personally the smell was a bit

too strong for me , but my mother loves it , so she is using it now .

The two products that I got to try for my Acne .

Foaming Face Wash ( Patchouli & Ylang Ylang )
Mixed with lukewarm water it makes a very soft foam , 

the smell is very herbal and refreshing .
After washing your skin feels soft , smooth , firm and very well cleaned .
Both the Patchouli and the Ylang Ylang works very well against acne .

Detox Face Mask ( Rose & Calendula )
You recognize the refined smell or rose immediately ,
you mix this with 1 part water and then apply it to the skin as a mask .
I use a stiff foundation brush to apply it in a clean way .
Leaving the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes makes you feel totally relaxed .
Wash it off with lukewarm water and your skin feels super soft , clean and calm .
And the amazing smell of rose will stay with you all day .

Rose is anti aging and the calendula works healing .


Since I got to know about Natural Skin Care I also got very interested 
in essential oils , I have read a lot about their effects and it is amazing
to see these all back in the products of JK7 .
I also have some of these oils at home .

I hope this blog gets you interested in Natural Skincare products and the brand JK7 .
If you have any questions , feel free to ask them on my blog , or on my Facebook page.
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* This blog has been created for a collaboration with a company 


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