Gothic Lolita Fashion Store PhysicalDrop in Tokyo Jiyugaoka Japan


I have know the designer Tawaraya Kato for more then 10 years .
Back in the days she was the head designer for the gothic lolita fashion brand
Metamorphose that is know to be the first Japanese lolita fashion shop to

ship world wide . And the shop Kawaii Mfashion was the first to sell it in Europe .
At one point Tawaraya Kato decided to start her own brand , 

she called it PhysicalDrop , the fashion designs still stayed
in her own signature style . With shirring , pintuck and buttons .
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The shop is located in the town Jiyugaoka , this peaceful and cute town
feels like a place to wind down completely .
The shop is tiny but very cute and packed with a lot of different designs .
You could shop a head to toe outfit there .
I fell in love with a ” free size ” blouse , Tawaraya Kato likes to design for

all body shapes so the sizes are mostly around Medium to large , 
but even when you wear sizes smaller the items could be adjusted or
will still look good even though it might be a bit too wide .
That is why I love that basic black blouse with cute buttons and lace ,

it feels comfortable because of the size and would look cute on a skirt
or under a dress / jumperskirt . ( Wearing the blouse in the head picture) .

Right now I am back to the basic style of lolita fashion which supposed to be elegant

with a hint of cute , so black is the perfect color .
At the moment my favorite brands are PhysicalDrop and most of the items sold
at Atelier Pierrot , PhysicalDrop is also being sold in this select shop .

Soon PhysicalDrop will open a second shop in Kyoto !
Keep an eye on their website for more information .
In that store buttons and lace also will be sold .

If you want to see the shop in Jiyugaoka , please watch my Japan vlog :



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