Gothic lolita tea party in Japan – Wonder teatime

During my trip to Japan I went to a gothic lolita tea party.
The tea party was organised by the Japanese lolita community Wonder teatime.
The leader of this community is Ai Akizuki, you might recognize her from
her Youtube channel where she used to show all kind of lolita and other events.

Wonder teatime organizes several lolita events a year,
I was lucky to be in Japan on the right time.
You need to apply beforehand since their events are pretty popular and could
be booked full.

I booked for the full service that day, including the tea party,
getting your hair and make-up done and a photoshoot.
The staff from Maison de Julietta, a lolita outfit rental and photoshoot shop in
the famous shopping mall Laforet, located in Harajuku took care of the
hair and make-up. Unfortunately I did not had time on this trip to actually
also get a photoshoot at their shop, maybe next time.

I also got a package of circle lens contacts from the new brand Love Mark Lens.
In my video I tell you more about it.

The day was very fun and it was very nice that Ai speaks perfectly English!
Also the rest of the participants did their best in trying to talk to me,
even when my Japanese is not very well and some had a hard time with
speaking English, it was fun challenge.

I bought my gothic lolita outfit at the shop Closet child which is located in

Harajuku on the Takeshita dori, this is a second hand store,
so most of the items have very nice prices, although some of the more popular
designs still might be expensive.

Now it is time for the video report vlog, please enjoy!



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