gluten free okonomiyaki and modanyaki

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I love Okonomiyaki and Modanyaki , but a few years ago
I found out that I have Celiac disease ,
so I came up with this gluten free version.

Ingredients :
Rice flour 50 gram
Baking powder 1 tea spoon
dashi stock powder 1 tea spoon
(or make your own à )
Eggs 2
Ao nori
Bonito flakes
Chinese cabbage 100 gram cut
Okonomiyaki sauce (contains soy sauce, so might be harmful)
(make your own 
2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce + 2 tablespoon ketchup + 1 teaspoon honey)
Japanese mayonnaise
Optional : Rice noodles (cook according to the package directions)

We are Dutch , living in The Netherlands and we love Japan . 


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