Opening new Nijntje museum / Miffy museum , The Netherlands

toddler with miffy and mother with miffy mascotte

Past Friday there was the official opening for invited guests 
for the opening of the new Nijntje museum ( Miffy museum ) in The Netherlands , Utrecht .
The opening was hosted by Kim Lian van der Meij.
Next the kids could go play in the Miffy museum,
look in the tour vlog video what can be done around the museum. 
The whole museum got turned into a kids play paradise.
I know that ミッフィー is especially popular with Japanese tourists ,
so I want to 
warn them about the change that the museum went trough.
It might still be cute to visit without kids, but you should not be afraid of
all the toddlers running around 😉 I love playing with Danny so I really loved it there!
Soon we will go again!
Nijntje Miffy museum :

The Miffy shop is located in the Central Museum which is across the street.

Afterwards Danny got new shoes with dino’s 
and we had a nice dinner at Stan and co in Utrecht.


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