Multiple Instagram accounts how to incl Video 2016

picture of a drop down of several instagram accounts

I have been hoping for this for a long time.
As a social media promotor I am administrating several Instagram accounts.
And it always was a huge hassle to switch between all these accounts.

Who remembers so many different passwords?! I don’t.
So today I finally saw my Instagram update with the new extra account feature!
I am so happy with this! Thank you Instagram for making it much easier now!

To show you how it all works I have made a how to video on Youtube .
Please check it out and try it!
( If you also got his update , I got an android phone )

My Youtube Channel Leylafashion  please subscribe
My Instagram account Leylafashion please add me!


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5 jaren geleden

Ja ik ben er heel erg blij mee! Ahh oke, dan (nog) niet nodig.

Matte and Shimmer
5 jaren geleden

Super handig! Ik gebruik eigenlijk maar 1 account.

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