Japan talk vlog : Tokyo & Osaka Why Japan? Incl. Gothic lolita and Fukubukuro

Japan talk vlogs first time in Japan with picture of Shinjuku buildings in the back

On Social media I got the question why we go to Japan so often.

We have been there seven times.
I decided to make a Youtube video to explain it all.

We talk about gothic lolita fashion , Harajuku , filming for Dutch TV , Fukubukuro ( Lucky bags ) , traveling in Japan , hotels , toys and more.
I tell you in detail how Japanese gothic lolita fashion came to Europe for the first time!

So if you want to know how our first trip to Japan was 10 years ago and why we went,
check out the video!
There is also a video of the TV broadcast in it and you can see how I looked like
10 years ago.



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