Vlog 56 : Falcon eyes studio light, dancing, flu, spicy and sweet food

Putting this only quickly since after two week I am still sick.
Hope to go back to bed soon.

I wanted to have a led light for a while and this week I made the decision to order one.
Since I film with a compact camera, this type of LED light is better then a ring light,
this fits better, this is also much cheaper.
I tried it for a bit and I think it works great!
So I am happy with it.
You can buy it here or here.
It is very compact, so you can use it on location.
I think I will also bring it with us to Japan.

Finally I had some time to bake Dutch spice nuts ( Kruidnoten )
I was hoping for Danny to help me out, but he found the feeling of the dough
gross, so he did not help me.
I will write a recipe later for this.

Enjoy watching the vlog.

If there is anything you would like to see in the next video, please let me know.


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