Vlog 54 : Photoshoots, sick Danny and trike

This week started off not so well because Danny was sick.
High fever and trowing up.
The day that he was sick, he only wanted to drink with me.
I breastfeed him and next to that he only wanted to eat soy custard (dairy allergy).
This day was a forced relax day for me,
I have spend a lot of time with him in bed and I also took a nap with him.
In the evening he drank some tea, but that came out again.
After a fussy night he started to get better the next day.
Kids can be so strong!

Danny still wants to go outside with his Wisbone trike everyday!
But when it is raining or storming we won’t go, then he has to wait.

The weekend we would have a photos shoot for the project
 “Perfect because of Imperfections” of the Dutch fashion brand JOW Fashion at the photolocation of my mother Rococo Boudoir.

At the shoot there were adults and kids with a cleft lip, dressed in the fashion of the brand.
More about this will follow in another blog.
It was a great day! Very nice to be able to talk with people who know what a cleft lip is.

At the shoot I did the make-up, hair and took the pictures.

Danny was at home with his father.

Enjoy watching!

Have you done a photoshoot in the past?! As a model or maybe the photographer?


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