Vlog 53 : our car got stolen and Ouders natuurlijk event

The past week felt like a dream with some nightmares in between.

The week started out very nice with playing at the petting zoo.

A girl friend from Danny had her birthday and I noticed that I have been vlogging
for 1 year now! What a long time!

This was my first vlog:

In the vlog you can hear Danny say Nijntje (miffy) for the first time,
this was also his first word!

Friday morning we found out that our car has been stolen!
Right now it is still gone without a trace.
We have heard that someone did see something, but did not remember any
licence plates.

It was not sure if we could still go to our planned weekend away.
But luckily we got a temporary car and trough facebook someone offered
us to use her kids seat in the time that we don’t have any.

Later as planned we went to Doorwerth, where we have spend two nights in a hotel .

At the same location on Saturday there was the Ouders natuurlijk beurs event.

We have had a great time and managed to relax a little from the stress the stolen car.
Also I have bought some very nice items, I will show these in my video.
The video is a bit longer as usual because of this.

Enjoy watching, I will add English subs 10-11-2015.


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