Vlog 52: New Artipoppe scarf, video recording and Danny playing

This week was pretty calm.
But next week will be very busy.
Giving a presentation, testing glutenfree pastries, meeting up with a friend
and a weekend away to the Ouders Natuurlijk beurs.
Back to this vlog.
Nearby the supermarket where go go every week there is  a toddler slide.
Danny loved it and didn’t want to leave.
After 30 min I had to go home, so he had to cry.
At the fishstore he forgot about it because he got a snack.
In our direct surrounding there are no toddler play yards.
So we always have to go further away.
With other mama’s we are working on getting the local play yard
updated with new equipment.

This week I made a video for Halloween.
I did a make-up look for the Cheshire kat.

In the vlog you can see my grandfather, he is 95 years old!

Because it was my birthday I bought a new scarf from the brand Artipoppe.
This brand started as a baby woven wrap brand, but now also makes scarfs and capes.
It is a luxury brand.

Enjoy the video!

Do you have a nice play yard for your kids in your area?


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