Toddler wearing with a Nien carrier

Since Danny was small I find it convenient to carry Danny in a baby carrier.

Back them it helped him with his belly cramps and I could do the house chores.

When he became a bit bigger I also went out with him in a woven wrap to get the
groceries. Later on, I always had him in a woven wrap when we went outside.
The stroller became a shopping cart.

Right now Danny is 22 months old and he walks.
I switch between carrying him and him walking by himself.
Because you want to be able to carry your child quickly I find a carrier easier now.
When Danny is walking I have the carrier around my waist.
(normally I would slide it to the back)

Most of the time I walk for several hours, but after about two Danny gets tired off it.
Sometimes he is just so slow when I want to do something quickly.
Especially in public transport I find it very convenient to have him in a carrier.
I wear him on my belly, he is close to me and I don’t need to worry about him
staying seated. In trains he is allowed to get out of the carrier.

In the city I mostly also wear him, the little boy is cheeky and doesn’t always want
to hold my hand, I find it dangerous to let him walk loose.
People tend to don’t look around and especially not down,
before you know it he is walked over, when I don’t guide him.

There are several brands which sell toddler carriers.
A toddler carrier mostly starts from EU kids pants size 86 (cm).
Most standard baby carries fit well until this size.
A good carrier has knee to knee support.

I already owned a Tula.
I really wanted a extra toddler carrier made from the fabric of a woven wrap,
that I was not using anymore.

Trough Facebook I already has seen some of the carriers from the brand Nien
and they looked very interesting to me.

Nien carriers are made by a Dutch mama who also wears her child.
At Kiind festival she had a booth where I tried out one of her carriers.
The carrier was a good fit, so I decided to get my carrier made by her.
I send my woven wrap to her and a few weeks later the carrier was finished.

I already had shortened the woven wrap before and made a scarf out of the scrap.
I am wearing it in this picture.

As soon as I got the carrier I tried it out.
The size is good and with back carrying it feels very good.
With front carrying I have to get used to the buckles,
Tula doesn’t have these.
I am sure I will get used to this over time.
A lot of brands have these buckles.


Do you also carry your toddler (or bigger)? Or did you stop after the baby period?


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4 jaren geleden

Really qute.. i m out of wearing my kids… but i can recommend the creater of the carrier

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