Gluten and dairy free banana coconut pancakes

I never really like to use recipes, I just trow some things together.
This time I wrote it down for you all.

I don’t like to eat the same each day, so I like to eat something new.
Without the honey kids from 6 months old on can eat this,
with honey from 1 year old.

I also don’t like to use all different kind of measurements,
so I only use grams.

1 small banana ( about 100 gram without peal )
100 gram milk ( soy, rice, almond, whatever you have ) ( I used Soy from Alpro )
10 gram coconut grate
1 squeeze of honey ( about 5 gram )

Put it all in a blender or mash the banana and stir it trough.

50 gram flour ( I used 25 gram rice and 25 gram buckwheat )
3 gram baking powder ( I used tartaric acid )

Stir this trough the wet mixture.

Heath a frying pan with butter or oil
( I used coconut oil extra vergin with a little bit of sunflower oil,
the last makes sure that it won’t stick to the pan )

Use 1,5 table spoon for each pancake.
Bake on medium high.
Flip the pancakes when they feel firm enough for it.

In my past vlog you can see the pancakes in “real” life.


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