Fisher price lunchbox review

In the beginning I always said that toys with sound would not be allowed in our home!
But when I see how much Danny likes it, I have to let that go.

In the beginning I got nuts by all the toys with sounds and music.
And when I now look at all the toys from Danny, 50 % has sounds and music.

He loves it, the more noise the better.
Especially his set with police, fire and ambulance cars were favorite.

Danny is almost two years old and this week he got a new playing set.
It is the Laugh & Learn Sort ’n Learn Lunchbox from Fisher Price.

(Dutch link).
Danny loved it right away. More from the
 Laugh and Learn line.
I always find it funny that kids from a very young age on know where
to find the sound buttons on toys.
This also goes for buttons in daily life.

(elevator alarm button on a kids height is ways a challenge).

I think I can say that the lunchbox set now is his favorite,
he plays with it daily for about 30 minutes.
Really nice to see that.
Meanwhile he does know how to put everything back correctly in to the compartments.
In the video he did not do that yet.

What toy is favorite with your kid?


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