Cheshire cat nailart nail tutorial

Being creative is a great way to relax.
Once my son Danny is sleeping I get my box with nail polish and start working.

Pick colors that match your outfit, accessory, bag, etc.
Never take just 1 color, that is boring.
At least take 2 colors.
For instance on 1 hand 4 nails in the same color and the 5th nail in glitter.|

For this look I took the typical Chesire cat colors.
Black and white, Pink and Purple are the main.

Start with clean, oil free nails.


I see many people saving their polishes for ages,
when you notice it is not spreading out well and getting thick, just trow it away.
Getting a new color is always fun and then you know you have a polish that stays on well.

Do you also match your nails to your outfits?


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