Geisha inspired make-up look – perfect for Halloween

As you might know, I love Halloween.
I also love Japanese fashion,
for a fashion event I did a Geisha inspired make-up look.
Because it was about fashion and not costumes, I made toned down geisha look.
This is perfect if you don’t want to look too costumey.


I am wearing a Japanese Haori jacket, this one you normally would wear
over a kimono.

I do own kimono’s but it is such a hassle to get it on correctly,
I rather just wear only the haori jacket, I own 4.
In total I own 3 kimono’s (2 Yukata (summer kimono) and 1 regular kimono)
02 - kopie.jpg

If I find the time next week, I will try to make a video with a kimono
and real geisha make-up.
I have done this look on a model before, just not on my self.
 (Model: Nena)
I am very curious about your Halloween looks,
please show me!

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