10 things about Leyla Ummels Cavusoglu

1. When I was younger I wanted to be a police officer.

2. From when I was 6 until two years ago I did horse riding, I’ve became one time 2nd of
the Netherlands with Jumping
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3. My husband was my neighbor.

4. We both love the country Japan and have been there 7 times.
Our son Danny went to Japan for the first time last year.
5. I loved the Japanese fashion style Lolita alot, but recently I wear it less often.
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6. We all love sushi alot, even Danny. Salmon nigiri is our favorite.

7. Danny was born with a Cleft lip. Double cleft lip, jaw clefts,
split uvula and a muscle in the palate was wrong.
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8. I have been on TV pretty often. Examples: (Dutch tv) Hart van Nederland,
Man Bijt hond (several times) , Shopping Queens, Vals Plat, RTL Boulevard and at
RTV Utrecht a couple of times.
Video link: Hart van Nederland
9. I have celiac disease so don’t eat gluten, Danny has diary allergy and my husband
need to eat low salt.

10. I love Nijntje (Miffy), Danny’s first word was Nijntje, but now he likes Peppa pig better.

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