Wrapsody breeze hope

So a while ago I got a wrap on a sleepover from Samanthas.nl .
It was the Wrapsody breeze in the style Hope.
I always have been curious about this wrap because they say it is
very thin and perfect for summer.
So I was very happy to try this wrap out.

I love the color effect on the wrap! The headband I am wearing is also by Wrapsody.

The wrap is indeed thin, but it feels very strong.
There is no real thin wrap that I can compare it with,
but I can say that it feels 10 times stronger then the Sevenslings sling.

You do have to tie it very carefully and make sure to spread out the wrap on your shoulders,
otherwise it could dig in a bit.

For FCC I found the wrap to be a bit too slippery, since my boy tends to lean backwards.
But the wrap works great with FWCC and ruck.

Thank you Samanthas.nl for letting me try out this wrap!


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