Working while babywearing

In reply to the Wrapsody babywearing hack challenge I am making this blog post.

I am so happy that I am able to work again and still have my son close to me.

Because Danny was used to the wrap since he was 2 weeks old,
he still enjoys being in the wrap very much.

So now when I help my mother in the shop,
do my make-up and hair work or make my video’s at events,
I will have Danny with me in the wrap.
I still breastfeed him, so this is the most convenient for the both of us.

Here are some action shots:

Doing hair and make-up at a photoshoot.

Helping out in my mothers shop.

As you can see in the picture above I am also using a hip bag.
In this bag I have all my essentials, I also have an extra bag that I can attach and that
contains everything to change Danny’s diaper.

At an fashion event in London as press (Video will be online within 1 month).

I hope this will inspire more mothers to have their baby with them as much as possible.
And this shows that if you want, you could easily work freelance with a baby.

Here is 1 picture that I got from the photoshoot:
Cutie girl! It was a lot of fun to do her make-up!


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