Lolita summer meetup 2014

A while ago I organised the annual summer lolita meetup.
Since bad weather was expected we decided to have lunch at a pancake restaurant.
After the lunch it turned out that the weather was not as bad as expected
and we went out to take some pictures.

It was a very fun day and of course Danny also was with me.

Some people have been asking me why I take him with me all the time.
It is because I still breastfeed and Danny in the beginning with his cleft lip
could not drink from a bottle and now he doesn’t want to drink from it,
so I cannot pump and have someone else feeding him.

This is the outfit I wore that day, the style is gothic lolita.
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Moi-meme-moitie
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Angelic Pretty

I wore Danny in a Wrap by Natibaby : My Little Unicorn

Lolita’s taking over Utrecht

A lot of people asked why we were dressed like this..
Well.. it is a Japanese fashion style and we wear it because we love this style.
Often people think we are on a bachelorette party, LOL.

Everyone looked so pretty!

Kari also in Gothic lolita style

Saltje in Bitter sweet lolita

Charlotte in Classic Lolita

Together with my best friend Irvina who is wearing Classic lolita

Here are 2 pictures from Saltje

Crazy group picture

Love the wrap detail in this picture! I was taking a selfie haha!

To close the day some of us went to a cafe.
Danny had a lot of fun there haha

I have to say that Danny is a very good boy, so it is very easy to bring
him with me all the time, he can play by himself very good!


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My Own Fairytale
7 jaren geleden

You looked gorgeous.
And your hair is very cool!

I find it a bit rude that they asked why you bring your child
all the time.
It's not a doll you put in the closet.
Ofcourse you can do some things without him, but that`s not up to other people.


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