The convenience of babywearing

Danny is now almost 8 weeks and I honestly would not know how I could get
things done without wearing him in a carrier or wrap.
I use the wrap everywhere, at home and when I go out.
When Danny has trouble getting to sleep I will put him in the wrap and in the meanwhile
I will start cleaning the house, the sound of a vacuum cleaner makes babies sleepy.
Wrap: Natibaby – My little unicorn
Last weekend I went for the first time out with my friends again,
we went for lunch at a pancake restaurant and while we ate, Danny was sleeping in his wrap.
It was very easy to travel with him like this with public transport,
don’t need to drag a baby stroller in and out a bus and up stairs etc.
When he got hungry I just took him out and when he was done I re-wrapped again,
super easy!
It might look difficult to do, but trust me, you only need two times of practice
to know how to do it without any guidance the next time.
It only takes max. 1 minute to wrap a baby.
( will make a video on how to wrap soon )
After lunch we went shopping.
Photo thnx 2 Deborah.
First time for me to wear Lolita clothings again after Danny was born.
 After shopping we had dinner at a Sushi restaurant
These wraps can look very fashionable don’t you think?!
Here is a picture of how I always get my groceries,
Danny in a wrap or carrier with a pregnancy coat over him and I use
a trolley to put my groceries in, that way I can get a lot more groceries then
with a baby stroller, the basket of the stroller is too small and the next good thing is
that we keep each other warm in the cold weather.
After seeing this blog you might want to go out and also get a wrap or carrier,
first make sure you are getting a good item.
For wraps the best thing you could get is a woven wrap, since this can be used the longest.
These can only be bought online.
In-store you can only find stretch wraps, these are good for small babies,
but I have heard that most people prefer a woven wrap once they used it.
For a carrier you need to make sure it is ergonomic,
so don’t get that Baby Bjorn you see in the baby store!
Ergobaby is good option if you want to buy in-store,
but if you want a really good carrier I would say go for a
Manduca, Bondolino, Boba or Tula.
Other ergonomic carriers are:
African Baby Carrier, Baby-Roo Huckepack, Beco, Connecta, Emeibaby,
Liliputi, Madame Googoo, Marsupi, RoseandRebellion.
Carriers that are not ergonomic don’t support the hips and back of the baby in a good way,
so it could harm your child and I am sure that is not what you want!
Below are some example pictures that I found online.
The back of the baby is too straight and the hip joints are stretched down,
this is not good.
Same as above, but now you can also see that the mother is leaning backwards to
balance the weight, she will get a back and shoulder ache.
Here you can see how the hip joints should be.
If you are looking for some groups about babywearing check out these pages on facebook:
My next vlog and blog will be about some Manduca products, stay tuned! 

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