Negenmaandenbeurs baby event

Last weekend I went for the first time out with my mother and Danny to an event.
We went to the biggest baby event in The Netherlands Negenmaandenbeurs.
I didn’t expect it to be this much fun!
There were tons of stalls with baby goods, some very fun and interesting and some were not.
Like the ones selling the baby formula and baby food.
I don’t need that since I am planning to breastfeed until Danny is at least 1 year old
and I will give him food that I cook myself, then I know what is in it,
so no sugars and other stuff that don’t belong in baby food.
There were some stalls where you could get your picture taken, this one turned out very nice!
And here is a polaroid together with my mother.
Good thing that we already wash our laundry with this brand haha.
I wanted to show my mother the baby wrap brand ByKay,
because she was considering selling wraps in her shop in Bilthoven,
next to the current items that she is selling.
After seeing the wraps in real life she decided to stock this brand in the future!
Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more information about this.
A wall full of ByKay wraps.
ByKay assistant showing their Mei Tai wrap.
A proud mommy and daughter and her ByKay stretchy wrap.
 ByKay also has woven wraps in Denim fabric.
At home I did a quick try of the stretchy ByKay wrap, I really like it!!
I now understand this is a bit easier for beginning baby wearers.
You pre-wrap this wrap before you put the baby on your body,
with a woven wrap, you wrap the wrap around the baby.
At the event I met up with a mommy that I know from Facebook,
she just got a new wrap, look how pretty it is!!!
It is a Little Frog.
And I also bumped into Carry In Style!
I already knew her trough Instagram and Facebook!
Was fun to see her!
Good change to show my mother that wearing a baby on your back is not scary.
At the event there was a breastfeeding lounge and since I knew the organisation
trough internet I had to say hi and feed in the lounge, was nice to meet these ladies.
La Leche League is an organisation that give free advise to mother about breastfeeding.
This was the cutest clothing stall at the whole event, I bought a cardigan for Danny here. 
Everything is in retro style.
All the goodies together, some I got for free, some bought and the wrap is to try out.
I got the Nuby bottle and pacifiers for free, from a very nice guy.
It was really fun, so I hope to be able to go to this event again next year! 

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