Shinjuku shopping Marui one

A lolita friend of mine from Holland, Danchelle arrived today in Shinjuku,
so of course we had to go shopping right away!
Any lolita girl has to visit Marui One in Shinjuku.
This department store is filled with gothic, lolita and punk brands.

My favorites are, Metamorphose and Angelic Pretty.

Angelic Pretty has a super cute interior. It is like a girls dream!

Enjoy the pictures.
Wonder party series.
Toy March skirt.
And here are some pictures of the dressing dolls around the escalators.
We also visited another shopping mall called Studio Alta.
And we had to take a picture together with this cool shop girl!
We both looked very stupid in the pictures, so stars for us :p

Here is the vlog of this day.


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Elrese Voges
8 jaren geleden

These clothes are so cute! It's like dress-up for everyday 🙂 what's not to love.

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