Camera Japan Festival and TV shooting






Tomorrow the annual Camera Japan film festival in Rotterdam starts!
Of course I will be going there again!

This year I’ll be serving the guests of the Smell Bar #4 by Maki Ueda.
Event page over here:
This bar is present tomorrow Thursday 4-10 and Saturday 6-10 evening.
Maki will welcome you in a beautiful kimono and I’ll be wearing gothic lolita.
I also will be there Sunday, but that is just to see some movies and make a video for Youtube.







Also tomorrow I’ll be filming with a Dutch TV show it will be about “alternative fashion”.
This is before Camera Japan so I have a busy day ahead!
The outfit I have planned to wear is pink x black lolita.
More info will follow once I know what I am allowed to say about it 😉
Be sure to follow my twitter to know what I am up to the coming days!
And next week I have a photo shoot for the dutch magazine called Viva!
And over 2 weeks… I’ll be in JAPAN!!!!
So I hope to see you on twitter!


Specially for all these events my hair dresser Hikmet from Indola did my hair again.
Pretty red again! I really love Indola products! It makes my hair feel super soft and smooth!


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