Cat ears hair style and make-up tutorial

One of the new trends in Japan is hair like cat ears.
It is a super cute and easy style!
Normally I am not a big fan of cat ears because they are considered
to be a part of cosplay.
Cosplay and lolita don’t work together so that is why I have never worn cat ears before.
I think this is a very subtle look and also could work with a lolita outfit,
but I think you do at least must have something with a cat print on it with you,
so maybe a bag, necklace or dress.
But outside lolita it can go with any look!

Please try out this look and have fun with it!!
I have also just posted this video for a winged eye make-up look on Youtube,
please enjoy!


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4 jaren geleden

I wanted to thank you for this great read.Thanks for sharing
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Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Thank you!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Dank je wel!! Oh gaaf!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

thank you!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

I am sure you can do it

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden


Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Thank you!

Lady Fur
9 jaren geleden

Ciao Look my cat ears with leopard.
I really love your blog you are so sweet =)
Lady FUR

9 jaren geleden

Hey, erg leuke blog en website heb je. Ik ga volgend jaar verhuizen naar Japan dus ben erg geïnteresseerd in jouw ervaringen! Gr. Mandy

9 jaren geleden

Great post. Love ur blog, hope u follow mine.

9 jaren geleden

It's funny, I tried to do victory rolls and made this EXACT hairstyle about 3 months ago!

Arezu In Wonderland
9 jaren geleden

Cute hair, looks nice.

XO Arezu

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