Japan market Leiden, Holland

Sunday 27th May I went with some friends to the Japan market in Leiden.

We all went dressed in sweet lolita, so a lot of people stared at us.

We had to change trains at Schiphol airport, so we wanted to make a funny picture over there.

“Let’s go to Japan!”
The market was in the street of the Japanese museum Sieboldhuis.
All kind of stands were present, from food to fashion.
Also the visitors were very diverse.
Cosplay, Japanese street fashion, Kimono fashion and people just looking ordinary.
It was very fun to be there and see all the dressed up people.


A group shot together with other friend we met up with at the market.

We decided to also visit the garden that day.

A great place to take some lolita pictures.

And to end the day we made this funny picture, looks familiar?

Outfit rundown:

Hat: ? bought somewhere in Japan
Bolero: Liz Lisa
Stars clip: 6% Doki Doki
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Dress: Baby the stars shine bright
Bag: Emily temple cute
Socks: Innocent world
Shoes: Angelic Pretty

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

Coming weekend I’ll be one of the judges of a make-up artist battle.
The theme is lolita, I cannot wait to see how creative people will be with this theme.

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Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Thank you!!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Thank you 😀

Mademoiselle Ana
9 jaren geleden

you guys look so cute!!! :3

Maarten Gubbens
9 jaren geleden

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