Shopping Queens

As you might know I did not win the Shopping Queens TV show.
But I have to say it has been a very good experience,
got al lot of super nice and good reactions and even my blog has gotten more traffic because of it.

Somehow there is a pattern in the show, until now every week the girl from Monday wins,
I wonder if there might be more behind this..

The point of this blog is that I want to show and tell you
what I was wearing each day of the TV show.

Day 1:
Fun and bright Harajuku street style look.

Vivienne Westwood necklace
Maxicimam cardigan (Japan)
Hema t-shirt that I have customized
H&M pants
Super lovers shoes (Japan)

Day 2:
Cute Liz Lisa inspired look.

Scarf (don’t know the brand but it is cashmere)
D&G jacket
Baby the stars shine bright bag (Japan)

Liz Lisa top (Japan)
River Island pants
Pieces belt
Paul green shoes

The funny thing about this day is that the girls thought my Louis Vuitton bags
were fakes and even online people still think this even when in the program
they told the girls they are not fake but real!
I want to advise everyone who still doesn’t believe it
to first pay a visit to one of the Louis Vuitton stores in Amsterdam,
and then look at the bags again πŸ˜‰

Little fact about Louis Vuitton leather handles,Β 
they turn darker in colour when they are exposed to sunlight or dirt.
Both of my bags still have light handles because I handle them with great care.
Never use them when it rains, always have clean hands and don’t put them inΒ 
a place where sunlight can reach them.

Day 3
Gothic lolita look.

Vivienne Westwood orb necklace
Super star top
Moi-meme-moitie skirt (Japan)
Wolford tights
Baby the stars shine bright shoes (Japan)

Day 4
Japanese school girl look.

H&M jacket
Cecil Mc. Bee blouse and bow tie (Japan)
H&M skirt
Tutuanna socks (Japan)
Shoes bought in Japan


Day 5
British preppy look.

Vivienne Westwood necklace
Beret bought in Japan
Spinns top (Japan)
Pieces belt
Skirt bought in Japan
H&M shoes

Day 5 shopped outfit
Pretty in pink wedding outfit.

I went for a fairy and girl like look and something that fits my personality.
But it was very hard to shop in a limited time at only a few shops that were allowed.
The biggest problem was shoes in my size!

Here is a screen shot of all the point we gave to each other.
In the end Fred the stylist gave his points and decided the winner.
He gave me a 4, so low!! I think he cannot appreciate personal fashion styles.
The woman on the left won.


Steps Jacket
Derhy dress (bought at Las Lunas)
Clutch (bought at Las Lunas)
Promiss flower
Super star silver bracelets
Saint tropez peace bracelet and necklace
Hair pin (bought at Las Lunas Dos)
Ring (bought at Las Lunas Dos)
Silvian Heach shoes (bought at Las Lunas Dos)



Hope you found it interesting to find out more about my fashion.

All these days can be watched back if you live in Holland trough these links:


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Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden


Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

πŸ™‚ dank je!!!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

Ja het blijft jammer dat ze het niet wilde snappen denk ik πŸ˜‰
Maar het is een leuke ervaring geweest!
Dank je!

Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

πŸ™‚ dank je!!

9 jaren geleden

Het is jammer dat je niet hebt gewonnen, maar je hebt in ieder geval een leuke tijd gehad en op tv geweest ^^ Ik vond je outfit erg leuk, en lekker kleurig β™₯ En de outfits die je verder aanhad waren ook leuk, vooral van dag 1 en 4. En leuk dat je ook een keer lolita aan had!

Drea β™ͺ
9 jaren geleden

Normaal zou ik niet naar dit programma gekeken hebben XD ik wilde zien hoe anderen over lolita style denken. Vond ze soms wel gemeen doen :/
Jammer dat je niet hebt gewonnen, maar je bent iig op tv geweest ^__^ ik vind jouw kleding wel cute en awesome!

9 jaren geleden

Ik vond jouw jurkje echt zo leuk! Ik snap niet dat ze het oubollig vonden, een paar sexy hakken er onder et voila! Lekker fleurig, zeker met dat jasje!

Dit klinkt trouwens misschien een beetje gemeen, maar ik vind die Jet echt enge ogen hebben…

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