Addy van den Krommenacker for Steps

This blog was originally written for Glamour land, I translated it to English for here.

Video of this day:

It is Thursday 29th of March and today the full collection 
of Addy for Steps will go for pre-sale in Utrecht.
We arrive at the Steps store at “de oude gracht” around 5 PM.

There is already a group of woman waiting in front of the doors of the store.


Arrival we get a number, in this order we are allowed to buy the items.
We are allowed to go inside the store earlier to make pictures, 
but first we have to wait for a bit, 
because inside they are still busy to get all the items in the store.
Meanwhile the tension is in the air.
Will everyone get their favourite dress??
A bit later we are allowed to go inside the store where everyone is still busy.
Long dress are steamed, clothing racks moved and dressing dolls dressed,
the full front of the store is getting turned into Addy’s spot.


Addy van den Krommenacker himself is also present and I ask him some questions.

He tells me that he choose for this cooperation because he got so many 
questions from woman who loves his designs, 
but cannot afford it and they still want to own something by Addy.
Because Steps is known for their dresses he choose for this cooperation.
With this experience the quality stays good and still affordable.

Right now it is 5:40 and the last items are places correctly.

Even Addy is helping.
The first 50 customers will get a free I love Addy T-shirt,
(I got one extra for my blog readers, so keep on ready to find out how to win it!)
Addy is going to hand them out!
As soon as the doors open you hear screams of joy and clapping.
A while later Addy comes back inside and the countdown to the sale can start!


At the start signal the first ladies ran inside the store, straight to the items they want.
Everyone gets what the can get, because there are only a few of each item.
Quickly a line forms in front of the fitting rooms 
and right now I am allowed to see if I can find the dress that I want.
(The one that I wanted the most was not made in my size :s 
I tried on size 36 and it was too big,
so I went for my second choose that was available in a size 34.
I really get confused by these sizes, I am not that small.)
Left first choose, right second
While waiting in line for the fitting rooms I hear woman talking about 
the reason of buying one of Addy’s items.
Mainly is because they have a wedding or party coming up.
It is true, his items are true party pieces.
If you look at the full collection there is something for everyone.
When it is almost my turn to go into the fitting room, 
I see Addy advising everyone on their fitted items.
It is amazing to see someone working with so much passion!
A while later I am standing next to Addy in a Addy dress 
and of course I needed to have a picture of this.


Satisfied I can go to the counter with my own Addy,
while outside people are still waiting in line.




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8 jaren geleden

Hoi Lisa, deze actie is helaas al een jaar oud.

9 jaren geleden

Nice report.
I know it's a bad reason but I just really love the shirt, and I admire Addy's passion on his job. He really wants to make women feel pretty.

You are on shoppingqueens this week right? I own the same skirt you wore on today's episode.

9 jaren geleden

Die collectie is heel erg mooi!
Jammer dat je eerste keuze niet in je maat was..
Ik vind die jurk die je gekocht hebt prachtig, staat je echt super. 🙂

Ik zou het shirt willen winnen omdat ik mijn kledingkast opnieuw aan het 'opbouwen' ben en het zou daarom geweldig zijn om een shirt van Addy te hebben. yay, voor meer mooie kledingstukken! ^^

9 jaren geleden

omdat je t van mij niet verwacht 😉

9 jaren geleden

Omdat ik net zo'n passie heb voor mode als jij ^-^
And I love Addy!

9 jaren geleden

Very cool!
Too bad you didn't got the dress in your size, but luckily you found a different dress ^^ And fun to see a picture of you with him! The dress you got is really pretty, and perfect for a nice party 🙂

Arezu In Wonderland
9 jaren geleden

Amazing pictures and beautiful clothes!
Must have been an amazing day.

Would love to win the Addy t-shirt, would love to be seen with it 🙂

XO Arezu

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