Fashion evening Japan

When I was in Japan, a friend of mine Kjeld, who is the owner of

invited me to his house for a fashion evening,
he also invited some of his Japanese and a American fashion friend.
It was so nice of him to organise this evening.

 Kjeld makes beautiful street and runway pictures in Japan.

That evening we talked so much about fashion and things we liked,
I loved it!! It was great to meet everyone!
I miss them all!
Funny thing that day was I already knew Miki, the girl with pink hair,
but I didn’t know he invited her!
Was such a nice surprise!
Group shot (my boyfriend took these pictures)

A while later Kjeld send me this cute post card as a memory of this great evening!

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Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

🙂 yes I was lucky to be there 🙂

9 jaren geleden

Wouw, I really Love this post!
Your evening looks nice. I wish we had such meeting here in belgium ^-^
Nice that you were invited, everyone look so beautiful and special.
And the pink hair rocks 🙂


Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

🙂 it is very nice to be able to talk about common interests 😉

9 jaren geleden

Really cool! must be great to have a fashion photographer as a friend! <3

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