International gothic lolita meetup in Japan

In November I organized a international gothic lolita meetup in Harajuku Japan.
A lot of sweet girls joined the meetup.

I want to start of with this picture of my friend Miki and me.

I told Miki about the meetup and she came to take a look and she also took
the opportunity to promote her Harajuku Fashion Walk.

My oufit rundow:
Metamorphose: headbow, dress, wristcuffs.
Baby the stars shine bright: bag, socks.
Millefleurs: bolero.
These two cute kids were also on the bridge.
Here is a group shot, two Japanese girls joined us later at the tea party.

A while later we all went from Harajuku to Shinjuku by train.

We went to the new Alice Cafe in Shinjuku.
The tea party was a lot of fun and I got to know
some fun facts about all the girls.
Here is a picture of my dessert, creme brulee.
And a picture of the dessert of someone else.

We also took a group shot at the entrance.

It was a amazing day and I want to thank everyone again for joining!

After the tea party I went with two friends to Harajuku.
Laforet already had their Christmas tree up!
At one point one of my friends had to leave and I went with the other to Ebisu
and she showed me this beautiful chandelier.

And to end it all, here is a picture of my nails that day.


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Leyla's Fashion Blog
9 jaren geleden

thank you!! I loved it!

9 jaren geleden

oh my god! you all look so freakin amazing!!! i'm sure you've had a great time there!

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