Tokyo Dark Castle Japan

This is my first fashion blog from Japan!
After arriving 15-10 in Japan I went the same evening to this pre-halloween party,
from Tokyo Dark Castle.
Please see my travel blog to see how my trip went and to follow all my other activities.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels
The first band  that preformed was Royal Cabaret
I really love their music!!
Here is a picture of me together with the singer, she is so friendly.
Next was Destruct System it was not my kind of music, but my boyfriend liked it a lot.
It was a mix of rap and rock music.

In between there was a guy singing and someone playing the guitar, but that was horrible.

And here we see Calmando Qual OMG! They changed so much!! They are so much
better then we I saw them a few years ago, they had a whole spooky Halloween vibe going on.
I loved it!
When we wanted to get some air outside we saw Takuya Angel  with two cute girls
also dressed in his clothing brand, please check out his website!
And I saw this cute Angel.
So at the end of the party they did some kind of price give away,
while I did not understand 75% of what they said, I managed to win a prize!
It was a Takuya Angel mask!
Here you can see the hot mess that was going on, on the stage.
Me being serious and posing with the price for a picture..
And then you see Adrien from Tokyo Decadance acting crazy haha.
Me and Hennie
And to end it all.. a webcam picture!
Did you like my Hime Gyaru look?

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Leyla's Fashion Blog
10 jaren geleden

😀 thank you!! It was so much fun!!

Yeah it is totally different from the parties in Holland 😉

Thank you!!!

10 jaren geleden

I totally loved your look, so adorable ♥
And congrats with winning a mask.
Must have been a fun night!

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