Camera Japan movie fest. Holland.

Two weeks ago the Camera Japan film Festival in Rotterdam
invited me to come with a group of lolita’s,
so we could show the visitors our fashion style.

Hello Kitty was also there, promoting the current exposition at SieboldHuis .
I don’t think I can visit it since I will be in Japan for 1 month.

It was a amazing weekend!
We left early to go to the festival, we had two group rooms in a hostel,
so we could stay until late at the event.

All girls on their way, still in regular clothings.
Picture taken at the Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam.

One of the group rooms.(Picture thnx 2 Danchelle)
 Here you can see the outfits of everyone.
Dorith in Classic Lolita
Niesje in Gothic Lolita
Marloes in Classic Lolita (Shiro Lolita)
Kari in Sweet Lolita
Manon in Dark Sweet Lolita
Danchelle in Sweet Lolita
JJ in Gothic Lolita & Elise in Classic Lolita
Anne in Casual Lolita
Me in Sweet Lolita
Angelic Pretty: Headbow, Skirt, Socks, Shoes, Jewellery.
Baby the stars shine bright: Blouse and Bag.
Here is a small clip of us showing our outfits and in the end you can see us having a lot of fun!
 When we finished the showing, we did some karaoke.
Keiichi Suzuki, totally photobombed our picture haha!
Keiichi and me looking very interested at a flyer.
Picture thnx 2. Tom.
Danchelle and me got this Polaroid from a very nice guy!

Next blog: Make-up tutorial for “Rainbow glitter eyeshadow”

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