Re-make Fashion

Since a long time Re-make fashion has been very popular in Japan.
I always have been fascinated by this, but kind of afraid to try it.
But not so long ago I just gave it a try and it turned out to be very fun!

Lets start with this bag, it was just a plain leather bag.
I wanted to buy a new bag for me to bring with me when I go to Japan next month.
But I really didn’t want to spend money, since I am saving for my trip.

So I took the bag and with fabric glue I glued left over lace on the bag.
I already had the Innocent World bunny, and the brooch.
The only thing I bought was the Miffy key chain.

The next item is this H&M cardigan, it was plain and boring.
A while ago I bough the tassel lace because I thought it was so cute
and now I could use it. 
I already got the triangle lace, green lace and the other tassel.

Again I used fabric glue, because if you would sew it on, you would see the thread.

This one was a bit more complicated.
I had bought a second hand t-shirt with the swan print,
but it turned out it had sweat stains :s
Because I really loved the print, I just cut out the fabric and threw the rest out.
The sweater used to have a print, but because of wrong washing it disappeared.
Together with some left over fabric and lace I sewed on the swan print fabric.
And now I have a completely new sweater!

And here is another item that consists of two pieces.
The Alice print used to be a tank top,
but because of wrong washing it shrunk, but the print was still good.
The skirt had a glue stain, so I covered it with the Alice print and
with the skirt came a swatch of fabric and lace,
so I also used this to trim the heart.
Also I added some iron on hearts, cute isn’t it?!

I would like to say to everyone, just give it a try!!! It is fun!
If you need some advise, please ask, I am happy to help you out.


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Leyla's Fashion Blog
10 jaren geleden

^^ it is, you should try it 🙂

10 jaren geleden

Re-make looks like fun!

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