Saturday – Summerdarkness 2011

This day was planned full with things to see at Summerdarkness.

But first we made a quick stop at this beautiful church.

And we made a quick stop at the Dom Church garden

Soon it was time to go to the concert of Angel Spit

This was Scarlet Penta’s outfit

And this is mine:
Moi meme moitie hat
H&M blouse
Very old Victorian Maiden skirt
Vivienne Westwood bag
H&M tights
Angelic Pretty shoes

This day we came across Bamba, I love his style!

The rest of the day I only made video’s

Random Summerdarkness and Angel Spit

The most spectacular of the day was the Post Nuclear Steam – Fashion Manifest.

Clothings by:
and by:
Jewelry by:

It was the début of Ludwika Jakubowska jewelry line called Monster-rose.
She uses what mother nature left over from death animals to create her pieces.
I think this is a beautiful idea.


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🙂 het was echt heel mooi!

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