Old school lolita meet-up

Last week we had with the Dutch lolita’s a old school lolita themed meet-up.

So you might wonder, what is old school lolita?

If you would look back at lolita, about 4-5 years ago, a lot of current trends did not exist.
Like the prints in sweet lolita and of course the over the top sweet lolita style.
Alice style outfits were very popular back them.

For gothic lolita most of the colour combinations were black x white.

Also wigs were not very popular back then, so I tried to stay as close as possible
to the old school style and did not wear a wig, also make-up was very simple back then,
so I wore only a little bit of make-up.

The most worn head accessory was the headdress, this could be round or rectangular.
You rarely see those any more, alice head bows are now very popular.

Here you can see my headdress,
it is from Metamorphose and was made in the year 2005, so it is pretty old.
I got it from a friend when I was in Japan in 2005.

My blouse is by Moi-meme-moitie, I also got this a while ago 2007.
The skirt is by Angelic Pretty and is part of a set with a jacket,
but it was too hot to wear the jacket, the skirt from around 2007-2008
The socks are from Heart E, I guess they are from 2009
My shoes are more recent and by Angelic Pretty.
My Umbrella is from Metamorphose, I guess also from 2009

Group picture

Chokolate in Gothic lolita

Denise in Aristocrat
Ludivine in Gothic Lolita
Pinkish white in Classic lolita
Josine in Gothic Lolita

Yvette in Sweet lolita


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