Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a high school student who already was getting famous
because she is a fashion blogger and regularly seen in Japanese Harajuku fashion magazines.

Last month she released her first music video and it is a hit.
This catchy tune stays in your head forever!

Al over Japan you can see billboards with her on it.
And since she is famous for her funny faces, the billboards are in this style.

Here is the music video

And here is a funny thing.
Yesterday I had a interview on the Dutch radio: Radio 5.
And I could bring a song I liked, so of course I brought Ponponpon!

Here is a small video of it.
They had my note with Kyary’s name, so I kind of messed up with the announcement, 
but after the song I made it up.


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Leyla's Fashion Blog
10 jaren geleden

thnx girls!

10 jaren geleden

Wat leuk!

10 jaren geleden

Fun! 😀

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