International Gyaru meetup Amsterdam

Last weekend there was a International Gyaru meetup in Amsterdam, Holland.
Gyaru from several countries joined.
Germany, Sweden, Norway and of course people from all over Holland.
Gyaru is one of the most popular fashion styles from Japan at the moment.
It is fairly easy to put together a Gyaru outfit with Local brands.

The most prominent feature of this style is the hair and make-up.
It all has to be perfect.

Down this post you will find a make-up tutorial and a video of the day.

Scarlet Penta from Holland

Ingvlid from Norway

Juul from Holland

Charlotte from Holland

Eivind from Norway

Monica from Norway

My outfit:
Vivienne Westwood Jewelry
    H&M Dress
   Anna Sui tights

My pink glitter nails

This day I also made a small video:

And here is a video tutorial for my make-up look:


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10 jaren geleden

Leuke video's, en vind je haar hier echt geweldig ♥

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