Amsterdam International Fashion Week Opening 13-07-2011

Through Living Social and Tom Sebastian I got 1 ticket for the Opening of The Fashion week.

When I arrived I soon found a other girl who also came alone.
It was very nice meeting her.


I was also filmed by a Amsterdam TV station AT5, It is weird, because you see me three times.
It is almost like they were following me.

Here I am entering the venue




End of Edit.

For a few seconds we were filmed by a Dutch TV showbiz program: RTL Boulevard.
Clip of the video here 0:20 :​91e9fc7-15af-4a3a-8a7e-ca8​da8eaf311/

Also a well known photography team took our picture.
Me and Naomi.
Team Peter Stigter

This day I was wearing a Usamimi by New Look.
Jewellery by Vivienne Westwood.
Top by Sonia Rykiel x H&M
Skirt by Dolce & Gabbana
Bag by Louis Vuitton with a My Melody plush
Socks by River Island
Shoes by Sasha.

The lightning was very hard at the catwalk, so the pictures and video
there kind of failed, but still it is nice to see the atmosphere.

If you enlarge this picture by clicking it, find the guy with the sun glasses,
he is a Dutch Stylist who always wears them at the catwalk.
I don’t understand why, it just looks silly to wear them indoors.

Later on the evening I also met Nina and Susanne,
Naomi had to go home to leave for Paris at that time.

We got a picture together with Tom Sebastian a Dutch Make-up Artist.

Ghost model and Beertje van Beers front row with Tom Sebastian

The show from Spijkers en Spijkers was very casual,
not something you would expect on the opening of a fashion week.
But I liked a lot of their pieces, a lot was comfy cotton or Silk.
Tony Cohen had a more romantic style and also kind of casual,
nothing high fashion.

And this was the goody bag.
When I got my ticket I was told I would get a goody bag
worth 175 euro.. but this one is only around 30 euro.
Don’t know why they said we would get a more valuable bag.

And here is the video I made that day


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