My favourite eye shadow brushes

Let me tell you about my favourite eye shadow brushes.
To apply colour I like MAC’s 239 the most and to blend the 217.

Top 239, bottom 217.

But I also like to use my brush from the Hema, sorry this is a Dutch store.
Although the brush is not as good as the MAC brushes it comes close,
it at least is better then the brushes you find on Ebay.
This brush feels like it is a bit in between both MAC brushes,
it is bigger then the eye shadow brush but smaller then the blending brush,
also the density is in the middle of both.
I think almost all brushes from the Hema are better then the ones on Ebay,
so better to build your brush collection of there.

Hema brush

The big difference with the MAC and the Hema brush is of course the price,
but also the way it applies the make-up.
With the MAC you are finished much quicker because it picks up much more colour
and it also let the colour sit much better on your eyes.
With the Hema brush you need a bit more time to get the same colour brightness,
because it picks up less and more of the colour stays trapped in the bristles.

Left to right: 217, Hema, 239

You might wonder why those MAC brushes are so expensive
and what is the secret of them working so good.
well there is a simple explanation that most of you are probably not aware of.

It is the way their bristles are used in the brush.
With cheap brushes they cut the hairs so they can use one bundle of hair in multiple brushes.
But with the MAC brushes the tip of the brush is made of uncut hair,
and the rest is trimmed of to fit into the brush,
so with this only 1 bundle of hairs can be used for only 1 brush.
It is a very long process before one brush is made, every single one is hand made,
while the cheaper brushes are mostly made by machines.
Also each brush goes trough a inspection, so the quality is guaranteed. 

Because the hairs are uncut, the bristles pick up just the right amount product needed,
so you will get the best result.

Before I knew this information I thought the MAC brushes are very expensive,
but now I realize it really takes a lot of effort to make these quality brushes and
now I am happy to buy them.

I recommend starting out with the eye shadow brush,
because it really can pack on good colour and also get the blending brush to blend,
to make a softer look.

Now a question: Did you know this about MAC brushes?!!


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10 jaren geleden

🙂 glad that you know know it ^^

10 jaren geleden

I didn't know as well!

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