High fashion street in Amsterdam

I got a invitation for the sale of my favourite brand you can get in Amsterdam Dolce & Gabbana.
So I went there yesterday to see if they had something I like.

Everyone likes a good sale right?!

I arrived about 15 minutes before opening and there
were already around 20 people waiting in front of the store.
All the other stores would not open before 12:00, so it was very quite in the street.

Here is a picture of the shop front, small.. isn’t it in comparison to their shops in other countries.
It has 3 floors, 1 for man and 2 for woman.



I bought my self a t-shirt and sneakers in the sale, pictures are in the bottom of this post.

I stayed around for a few hours to also visit other shops
and saw so many people going to this sale!
D&G really is popular here.

Now I want to show you some more pictures of this street with high fashion shops.
The street name is: PC Hoofdstraat it is in Amsterdam.

There is a website with all the brands present: http://www.pchooftstraat.nl/winkeloverzicht

The street is very popular by especially tourists,
the Louis Vuitton store is always packed full, mostly by Chinese.
I wish people here would appreciate these brands as much as they do.

The street is very small and the shops too,
especially if you are used to the stores in Japan and America.

This picture makes me laugh..
A ugly plant, a bin, bikes.. all in front of the Chanel store.

So here is what I bought.

A Snow white t-shirt

Sneakers with a cute print


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