You might think, why would you write about cosplay?

But I want to write in my blog about it, to make something clear.
A lot of people confuse cosplay with other Japanese fashion styles.
I have seen a lot of articles where people call gothic lolita cosplay.
But gothic lolita is a fashion style.
Or they write something about Harajuku in Japan and only mention cosplay as
a style you can see there, but there are so many other styles.
Like gothic lolita, decora, gothic, punk, cyber and more.
This is gothic lolita NOT cosplay
Picture by: Hennie Ummels 

So what is cosplay exactly then?

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

Cosplay is something original from Japan, but now it is world wide.
Cosplay is nothing more than wearing a costume
of a anime, manga, music artist or game character.
But because a lot of these character wear a lot of the time outfits
that kind of look like the current fashion styles in Japan
it might be a bit hard to recognize it.

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

The best way to see it is cosplay is the color, fabric and make-up usage.
It is all more bright and visible, let’s call it over the top.

Picture by: Hennie Ummels 

For lolita girls nothing is more insulting then calling them cosplayers.
It is completely something different.
Because with lolita you try to make your own outfit coordination’s
and with cosplay you copy someone.

Lolita = fashion
Cosplay = costume

In cosplay you have 2 groups of people,
one who make everything by them self and the others who buy complete ready outfits.

In Japan you have huge stores filled with cosplay outfits.
It is very funny to browse through it and see all this.
It must be heaven for cosplayers.

If you are wondering when people wear these outfits..
In Japan you could see them sometimes hang out in Harajuku.
And there are annual parades on the streets of Japan.
But mostly you can see them at the special conventions for anime/manga/games.
This last is the same for other countries,
more and more so called Anime conventions are organized worldwide.

In the Netherlands you have around 4 a year.

Cosplay, cosplay, lolita, lolita
Picture by: Hennie Ummels 


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Leyla's Fashion Blog
10 jaren geleden

What girl? There are a lot of girls in the pictures 😉

Leyla's Fashion Blog
10 jaren geleden

Thank you Edith.

10 jaren geleden

I think it's very good that you write about this, some people still don't understand the diference.

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