Asian ball jointed dolls

Last weekend I went to a Asian ball jointed doll convention in my own country, The Netherlands.
And I made a small video there of cute dressed people and dolls.

I have been into this hobby for about the same time as I am into Japanese fashion.

Let me tell you a bit about these dolls.
Asian ball jointed dolls (ABJD) are anatomical correct on scale dolls with ball and
socket joints in their body so they can move a lot of their body parts.
They are made of a high quality polyurethane synthetic resin that is quite heavy.
They are also known by the name: Dollfie.

The first brand to make these dolls was VOLKS Japan in 1999.
Later more brands were created, in Korea and China.

All dolls can be customized to your own taste.
They are made in different sizes and face shapes
also you have boys, girls, animals and everything in between.
Face-up (make-up), wig, eyes, skin tone, hands, feet and clothings all can be changed.
But you can also buy full set dolls, these are already finished including a outfit.
Mostly the full sets are worth more money.

For me personally Volks and then Luts are my favourite brands.
I have been to Volks stores in Japan a lot of times and I love it there.
But the most special place is Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an by Volks in Kyoto.
It is their store but also it includes a museum with all their dolls and it has a beautiful
Japanese garden. Also there is a photo corner, where you can take pictures of your
doll in cute setting. I always go here when I am in Japan, I love it there.

All pictures by: Hennie Ummels

Infront of Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an, Kyoto

Photo corner in Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an

Japanese garden of  Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an

In the museum of Tenshi-no-Sato Kachu-an


In Japan you also have doll conventions, the biggest is Dollpa, this is by Volks.
It is a huge market with people selling doll clothings and accessory, only Volks dolls are allowed.
Also there is a lottery where you even can win a doll.

Since these dolls are very valuable, this is a amazing price.
Most dolls range between € 200,- and + € 1000,-

Volks has several times a year special releases of dolls.
This always attracts a lot of customers wanting to buy these new dolls.
Unfortunately there are always more customers then dolls,
so Volks does a lottery in front of the shop everyone draws a number from a box,
these numbers decides the new line order, lowest number first.
Last year me and my boyfriend also tried it out and we got nr 6 and 8!
Wow, so we got to buy the doll we wanted!

And then to know that there are in Japan 33 Volks shops
having this special sale at the same moment.
They must have so many customers.

Doll in the bag

Here is a picture of the dolls I have now.
(2 are not in it because I am selling those)

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