JWC fund raising bazaar for Japan

Photo’s by: Hennie Ummels

Also in my country Japan have been on the news all weeks,
although now the information supply is getting weak,
I try to stay up to date by watching NHK on the internet.

I really hope Japan gets stable soon,
it is so scary to hear all the news about the Nuclear threats.

Some of you might know I had a trip planned to Japan in May,
for now I doubt it will go through, but I hope otherwise.

On Saturday 26-03-2011 The Japan woman’s club
organized a fund raising bazaar in Amstelveen (The Netherlands).
The number of people who visiting the bazaar was beyond their dreams.

Edit: It is just confirmed there were 600-700 visitors
and all together they raised 15.000 euro!

I arrived about 30 minutes after the bazaar started
and there was a huge line of people waiting inside
and outside to enter the bazaar rooms.
Money was donated by all the visitors upon entering the rooms.

There were mostly Japanese people attending,
but there were also some people like me
who feel greatly for Japan and also wanted to contribute to this cause.

Once inside, there were all kind of stands with items.
Jewelry, clothing’s, shoes, books, kitchen items,
toys, Japanese souvenirs, fresh fish and homemade food.

I found a cute handmade necklace that I had to buy.
Also I bought a anpan: sweet bread filled with red bean paste, very tasty!
We couldn’t stay too long inside because more people
were waiting on entering the rooms.
I think there has been a lot of money collected for Japan!!

We decided to get some lunch and then go to the Japanese cherry blossom park.
Earlier that week there was a ceremony for Japan.
The remaining flowers from this looked very sad.

I said some prays and admired all the pretty tree’s.


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