Cleaning hair brushes

I have been looking for good and easy ways to clean my hair brushes
and finally I’ve found it.
When I was at a hair event I got a goody bag and this contained a hairbrush cleaner brush.
I’ve tried it and it works great!

These are my 3 favorite brushes, which I don’t want to trow out because they are dirty.
left to right: Anna Sui comb, Off brand brush, Swimmer brush.

Because I use a lot of hair products, my brushes get dirty very fast,
the product sticks in the brush with dust and that looks gross!

This is the miracle worker 😉
It has very strong bristles which you can run trough your brush,
to get all the dirt out, with the point you can remove hairs.
The brand is Denman, it is a professional brand.

For my comb I use this style tooth pick to remove all the dirt.

So how can you clean everything at once in the best way?
I’d like to fill up the sink with warm water and soda (or a kind of soap which contains soda),
Soda will help to dissolve all the hair products and hair grease.
Put all of your brushes & combs in the water and let it sit for about an hour.
You will see a lot of dirt now already came loose!
Refresh the water again also with soda.
Now you’ll take 1 brush and use the brush cleaner brush to clean out your brush,
run your brush trough the water to remove the dirt that came loose.
if you want to clean your comb, use the tooth pick, this will take a while,
but your comb and brushes will look as good as new!
When you are finished cleaning, rinse in only water.
Don’t be afraid to use too much force, brushes and combs are strong enough to endure this.

Good luck!

Decide for your self when you think your brushes and combs need the cleaning.


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