Marlies Dekkers Vampire Night Catwalk Show Fall | Winter 2010

Yesterday there was the Vampire Night Catwalk show fall winter 2010 from Marlies Dekkers.
So I got my goth style clothing’s together and I was pretty happy with the end result.

Phone picture

Lenses by: Pop C. Dark Blue

The evening was from 20:00 till 1:00.

I went with my mother, we arrived at 20:15, after taking a very steep road down we arrived at the location, a beach club turned into a catwalk and party place.

Almost everyone was dressed in style, some tried hard and some.. well.. they just threw something one from a random gothic store. It was disappointing to see that also not that much people were wearing something from Marlies Dekkers.
I think a lot of people thought, Vampire = gothic, not sure why.
I would think Victorian, romantic, elegant.
No white faces with ugly fake blood, you could do elegant fake blood.

Enough of my rambling.

Around 22:00 they show started! I have filmed the whole thing and have putted it on Youtube!
Please enjoy!

I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere, and the choreography of the show was great!
It was very daring to pick a theme like this and make the models look like true vampires,
but I think everyone appreciated and enjoyed it. It was like a different world.

At the end of the show Marlies Dekkers herself appeared on the stage
complete with Vampire teeth!

I loved almost all of the pieces that were shown especially the wine red sets!
I love that color, need to get something from it soon!

After the show the party started, there was a great DJ and I danced my feet of on music that really didn’t fit the style of clothing’s I was wearing!

There was a girl walking around with a portable photo printer,
so I got a nice souvenir from the evening, I also got a picture with my mother,
but forgot to take a picture of it before she went home.

Also I got a lot of nice compliments and 1 girl recognized my style as gothic lolita.

As of that day I got a new nickname from someone : That twitter girl.

Picture together with Marlies (damn I look weird, maybe the alcohol?!)

Sorry I just like to use twitter a lot!

Outfit runndown:
hat (not in this picture): Moi-meme-moitie, Japan
Corset top: Marlies Dekkers, The Netherlands
Necklace: Vivienne Westood
Skirt: Moi-meme-moitie, Japan
Stockings: Leg Avenue
Shoes (not in these pictures): Baby, the stars shine bright, Japan

A now my question for you, what would you have worn to this evening?
*show me pictures or describe*


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