Swop ’n Fit

Last Sunday I went with my friend Irvina to this event.
It was a clothing swap event.
You would hand in your clothing’s, receive point for this (1 for each item)
and with these point you could pick out other clothing’s.

To be honest it was chaos, there were 2 lines with racks filled with clothing’s,
most people already placed themself in front of the item they wanted,
when the start signal sounded everyone went trough the racks like crazy!!
It was insane! I still managed to get some nice items,
but I didn’t like the way it went.

I think it would have been better if everyone got a random number from a big box and
this number would be the number you have in the line and then everyone has to go after
each other trough the racks, this will take a bit longer but will keep it more fun!

A girl who was still looking when almost everyone was finished.

But luckily there was a bar and a 2nd floor where you could sitdown,
so we spend most of the time hanging around there.

There was also a small fashion show by beginning designers.

Rosalie van Velsen
(Nothing I really liked)

Leonie Smelt
(I like the 2nd look and there was also a cute skirt,
but the model ruined the picture by looking horrible)

the skirt is the 2nd from the left

House of Dots
(Don’t like it, the fit just seems off.)
It was very hard to look at these models everyone except 4 of them walked horrible.
Couldn’t walk in the shoes, looking down all the way or just looked scared.
The 4 who did a good job should teach the others how you should walk.
As a designer you would have been totally pissed if you saw a girl walking in your clothing’s like that. They were from Noob models, I guess I now understand the name.

Too bad almost non of the visitors had putten any efford in their outfit,
you would have expected people dressing up a bit more for a Amsterdam international
fashion week downtown event. The only ones who looked good were working there.
So instead of showing some pictures of outfits of other people, here are 2 of my friend and I.

When we got back in the city we found this nice looking girl in the V&D, HOT!

overall I had a nice day out with my friend, but I would not go to something like this again.

If you want to do a clothing swap, just do it at home with some friends.

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